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8 Fabulous Fundraiser Ideas for Father’s Day

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Father's Day is coming up and you want to do something special to celebrate all of the dads, but you don't know what… trust me, we’ve all been there!

Of course there is always the ever-popular pop-up shop event, where kids can buy their dad a gift like socks, a tie or that irresistible “I love you Daddy” mug.

However if you're looking for something different this Father's Day, check out our list of 8 fun events below that will help raise money for your PTA.

Dads always say they don't want anything for Father's Day, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't appreciate a little something special. This year, why not surprise these amazing men with a different Father's Day-themed fundraiser?

What better way to show Dads how much they are appreciated than by planning a unique and fun event that celebrates all the wonderful fathers in your school community… Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Dads' BBQ Day

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Treat the dads in your life to a day of family fun, relaxation and good food with a picnic style barbecue event. A BBQ is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some delicious food and drinks while spending time with the men of the hour. When planning a school BBQ, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First, of course, is the food - burgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers are always popular options. Be sure to have plenty of condiments on hand, as well as side dishes like chips, crisps, salads, and fruit.

It's also important to have a variety of drinks available, including water, squash, sodas and some adult drinks like Pimm's and ice cold beers to cool down on a warm day.

As for activities, games such as frisbee or water balloon toss are always a hit, or you could set up a photo booth for the kids to snap some fun memories with Dad.

With a little planning, a school BBQ can be a fun and memorable event for everyone involved! Tell the dads to bring their appetites and sense of fun. Tickets can be purchased in advance, and all proceeds go to the PTA.

Dads' Night Out

Dads' Night Out is an opportunity for fathers to relax and enjoy a night out at a local restaurant or pub. Collaborate with a local establishment for discounted meal and drink tickets. Reserve a certain amount of tables on specific days or you can even make the tickets redeemable at any time. Be sure to work out a good plan with the restaurant that makes all parties involved happy.

There's no better way to celebrate than by enjoying some good eats. And what dad doesn't love a good meal? Restaurants are sure to be busy on Father's Day, so selling tickets in advance to a local restaurant is going to take the stress off of the mums and kids planning the events of the special day.

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales can be donated to the school. Dads' Night Out is a great way to raise funds for the PTA while also providing an evening of fun for dads. So tell them to mark their calendars and get ready to enjoy a night out on the town!

Dads & Desserts

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One great way to raise money for the PTA is to host a Dads & Desserts fundraiser. You can ask parents to bake their favourite cookies, cakes and other sweet treats to sell at the bake sale.

Alternatively, you could team up with a local doughnut shop and have a Doughnuts for Dads fundraiser. Dads can come to relax and enjoy some sweet treats and coffee or tea with the kids while supporting the PTA.

This is a great way to raise money for the school and it's also a lot of fun! So for all the dads who have a sweet tooth, the kids will be jumping at the chance to bring him to this delicious fundraiser. What better way to show dad how much you appreciate him than by filling his stomach with sugar!

Movie Night

If you're looking for a more low-key activity, consider organising a movie night where Dads can sit back, relax and watch a cool film with their kids. This can be a great opportunity for bonding, while also raising funds for the school PTA. Movie nights can be easily organised, and they are usually very popular events.

To get started, simply choose a movie that everyone will enjoy and make sure you have enough popcorn and snacks for everyone. Some great movie options can be, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cheaper by the Dozen, or even We Bought a Zoo. These all have some fab Dads as a main character!

You can also include a raffle or auction as part of your event. Dads will appreciate the chance to relax and spend time with their kids, and the PTA will appreciate the fundraising opportunity. So don't hesitate to put together a Father's Day movie night this year!

Dads vs Kids Sports Day

dads playing tug of war

Dads can get ready to dust off their sports gear and have some fun! This year, think about hosting a Dads vs Kids Sports Day fundraiser for Father’s Day. This is a unique opportunity for dads to bond with their kids while also raising money for the school.

There can be a variety of fun and exciting events, including a three-legged race, an egg and spoon race, a relay race or even a playful Dads vs Kids soccer match.

Dads will have the chance to show off their sports skills whilst having fun! So round up your school community and get ready for a day of family fun! All proceeds from the event can go towards funding PTA initiatives.

Father’s Day Breakfast

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by having a special breakfast just for dad? Invite Dads to enjoy a delicious breakfast with choices of bacon or sausage rolls, hash browns, croissants and maybe even a cheeky pain au chocolat.

What makes it special is that they get to come into school and enjoy this magnificent meal with their kids. Include a few activities that liven up the morning such as a quiz game to give the opportunity for fun chatter around the table.

To spice up the event why not include a raffle with great prizes, including a gift certificate to the local steakhouse.

Father’s Day Family Game Night

Dads are the original party animals. They know how to have fun, that’s why hosting a Father's Day Family Game Night is such a great idea. You can use the games to raise money for the PTA and it's a great way to get everyone together for some quality time. So round up the families of the community and get ready for some serious fun.

This one’s not just a win for Dad, but also for everyone involved. Hosting a game night will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to get together, laugh hilariously at each other’s jokes while playing lively games such as Bingo, Charades, Trivia - or any other games that are sure to get everyone excited.

You can also provide some yummy food and drinks- nothing beats plenty of laughter and good food! Father's Day will never be the same again.

Father’s Day Camp Out

dad cheers to glamping

Does your school have a large open field? If so, this event is for you! A camping-themed event hosted by the PTA is a great idea that can even turn into an annual tradition.

Families can bring their own camping supplies and pitch their tents right on the school grounds. In addition to camping out overnight, be sure to have plenty of fun activities for dads and kids to enjoy together, which can include a bonfire, s'mores, an outdoor film and stories around the campfire. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Get ready to tell all of the dads to pack their tents and sleeping bags and head on over to the Father's Day Camp Out! It promises to be a fun-filled event for the whole family.

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With Father’s Day just around the corner you need to get on the ball…it’s time to start planning some of these fun events to celebrate all the amazing Dads in your school community. This year, why not try something new with one of these fun ideas.

From dads vs kids sports tournaments to barbecues and picnics, there’s something for everyone. So get started planning today and let us know how it goes!

Whatever event you choose, remember that Father's Day is a day to have fun celebrating all the amazing Dads!

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