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23 Hilarious Parent Reactions to Requests for PTA Volunteers

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At PlanSocial, we work with PTAs all over the country, and regularly hear from committee members about their uphill struggle getting more PTA volunteers.

Yep, sure it would be a lot easier if loads of parents pitched in to help. But let's face it - PTAs don't always have the best rep, and some parents would rather run a mile barefoot in the snow than flip burgers for 3 hours at the summer fair.

We shared some of these reaction GIFs with PTAs on Facebook...

"Excellent. And all true!" was the reaction from one PTA Chair.

Take a look and see whether you recognise any of these reactions - whether you received them, or dished them out yourself! Watch the video, or scroll down to view each one.

1. The One Who Runs and Hides

Man running to hide in camouflage as a tree.

2. The One Who Feels Incapable

Woman saying

3. The One Who Is Too Busy

Cat walking fast with a walker - too busy to talk (to the PTA?)

4. The One Who Rolls their Eyes

Woman rolling her eyes and pulling a face

5. The One Who Just Assumes You're Joking

Shaq laughing and laughing and laughing...

6. The One Who Refuses Cheerfully

Woman laughing while saying

7. The One Who is Unrepentant

Joey from Friends smiling and saying

8. The One Who IS *Always* Sorry

Helena Bonham Carter saying

9. The One That Just Doesn't Care

Russell Brand saying he does not care.

10. Nope... really no interest whatsoever

Alan Partridge shrugging like he don't care

11. The One Who is Oblivious (or feigns ignorance!)

Han Solo saying

12. The One Who Can't Possibly Cope

13. The One Who Scares You

14. The One Who's Just Been Waiting to be Asked!

Woman coming in screaming excitedly and waving her arms wildly smiling

15. ...and Jumps Right In...

Here to save the day.

16. .. But Doesn't Like the Way Stuff Gets Done...

Monica from Friends saying

17. ...and Eventually Takes Over...

Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl saying

18. ...And is Outraged When Challenged...

19. ...And Quits Dramatically!

Jon Stewart gesticulating and saying

20. The One Who is Too Darn Scared to Say No

SNL fave Bill Hader nodding with a stunned look on his face

21. The One Whose Face Says It All

Americas Top Model pulls a non-modelly face

22. Then Accepts Their Fate Quietly

Paul Rudd with a look of despair then resignation
It’s not so bad after all.

23. And Finally, the One you Wish you had Never Asked!

Archie Bunker from All in the Family - pretends to play Russian Roulette as Edith natters on
Her heart’s in the right place...

Over to You

Hope that gave you a bit of a giggle. Did we get them all? What did we miss?

When the same few PTA volunteers keep putting in hours of grafting, things can sometimes get a bit fraught. Hope this did a little to relieve the tension, and help you see the funny side next time you get a reaction like this.

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