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Simple Fundraiser Add-ons

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Whether you're running a Winter Fair or hosting a Parents Night Out, why not get the most out of your community gathering by adding on a few quick, easy, no-risk ideas to incorporate into your next fundraising event.

1. Raffle – Split 50/50

  • Get raffle tickets and two boxes – one for the ticket and another for the money
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Pick a raffle ticket and give half the money raised from raffle ticket sales to the winner. The other half goes to the school

2. Pick a Number Board

  • Determine how many numbers you want to use, let's say 70
  • Make a display (i.e. pick a number board) of 70 pieces of paper or envelopes, individually numbered from 1-70
  • Display your pick a number board at an event or any high traffic area
  • The participant simply picks a number and donates that amount

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3. Sell Merchandise

  • Get a digital copy of your school's logo
  • Upload it to an online custom apparel and accessories website and plop that logo all over t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, etc.
  • Note the price of the item and determine the sales price
  • Aim for items at a variety of price points so all are able to buy something if they'd like
  • Sell these items anywhere and anytime there is a crowd – of parents or middle and high school kids who can bring their own money
t-shirts on hangers
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

4. Partner with a bar or restaurant

  • Work with a local bar or restaurant owner
  • Set a date and agree on a plan to share profit
seats in a restaurant
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5. Mystery Wine

  • Get bottles of wine of various types and values, preferably donated
  • Be sure at least one of them is extra special in some way – price point, limited edition, comes with a gift certificate, etc.
  • Conceal the wine bottles and neatly display them together
  • Sell each bottle of wine for a set amount

6. Penny Drive

  • A large bin container
  • Put your bin in a high traffic area
  • If you’re doing the penny drive at an event, be sure to let everyone know (in advance, multiple times) so they are sure to bring their loose change
coins falling out of a jar
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