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Your Summer Fair Ideas [Part 2]

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pots of strawberries and cream

It’s been another busy summer for PTAs across the country, and hopefully, the warm weather has brought out the crowds (and the cash!) to your event this year. We love to see what various schools have been up to and share their PTA summer fair ideas.

Bracken Lane School in Nottinghamshire raised almost £4,000 at their colourful summer fair!

There were donkeys and Minions at Farnborough Road Junior School in Southport:

Edgebury Primary School in Kent were very lucky to welcome superstar author Michael Morpurgo to their summer fair:

We’d LOVE to try this! Fairlawn Primary School in London had a Surf Simulator at their Hawaiian-themed fair this year!

And who could resist the temptation to soak your Headteacher?! Great fun at Dee Point Primary in Cheshire:

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun raising money for their schools and bringing their communities together. We’d love to hear what you got up to too! So share your PTA summer fair ideas with us :)

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Over to you: what are your PTA Summer fair ideas?

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[This article was originally published in 2017]

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