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How PTAs Can Celebrate Women's History Month

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What are you doing to celebrate Women’s History Month this year? If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll share some of the best ways to honour women during this time. Whether you’re a PTA mum, volunteer, or just a parent interested in getting involved, read on for inspiration. We can't wait to celebrate all that women have done and continue to do!

The whole month of March and beyond is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history. It's also a great opportunity to learn more about the important contributions women have made to society.

The National Women’s History Alliance designated this year’s Women’s History Month theme as “Women providing healing, promoting hope.”

According to the organisation, the theme is designed to honour caregivers and frontline workers through this pandemic as well as recognise all the ways women have provided healing and hope throughout history.

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PTAs can celebrate Women’s History Month in many ways. Here are some ideas for events, projects, and activities that will get the students at your school and the rest of the community excited to learn more about the brilliant women who have made an impact.

1. Host a women’s history trivia night.

Girl saying.. Trivia night? I love trivia.

Trivia nights are a great way for groups of people to get together and have some fun while testing their knowledge. But if you've never hosted one before, it can be tricky to know where to start, so be sure and do your research. Make your trivia night a success and don’t forget tasks like choosing a quizmaster, setting up the room, and promoting the event. These nights are always popular events, and with good reason – they're a lot of fun so why not host a women’s history trivia night to celebrate all the amazing things that have been done by females in this world. A lot of people might be surprised and inspired with what they learn!

2. Have a women’s empowerment panel discussion.

For older year groups, a panel discussion is the perfect way to learn from different perspectives and gain new insights on how to empower themselves and others. Students won’t want to miss this unique opportunity!

You can create an unforgettable experience that celebrates the strength and resilience of women everywhere.

3. Hold a contest for the best essay, art project, or video

Students can enter to win a contest for the best essay, art project, or video on a woman who has had an impact on their community or world!

This is their chance to honour influential women and to show off their writing skills and creativity.

Of course, to get the children excited, the winning entry can receive a prize! Some great prize ideas can range from gift cards and movie tickets to iPads and extra play time, maybe even arrange to “bring a friend for ice cream with the Headteacher/Principal” session! There are plenty of prizes to motivate the children to do their very best.

4. Hold a clothing drive for girls in need.

This Women’s History Month, do something special and help out girls in need. We can all donate our gently used clothing to a local children’s home or church, who can distribute them to girls in need. It’s a great way to give back and make a difference in someone else’s life.

5. Create a mural or art project highlighting women’s achievements.

ladies celebrating ladies

Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate women’s history month?

A mural project is a great way to highlight the achievements of women throughout history. Students, parents and staff can collectively create a beautiful piece of art that will be appreciated by everyone who sees it. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn about some amazing women who have made an impact on the world.

6. Collect donations for a local women’s shelter.

Another great way to support women is by donating to a local shelter. Many of these shelters need donations of food, clothing, and other essentials. By donating to a women’s shelter this March, you can help make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your donation will help provide essential resources for women who are rebuilding their lives.

7. Distribute a Women’s History Themed PTA Newsletter

Show your excitement about Women’s History Month by recognising the accomplishments of women throughout history in your March PTA Newsletter. This month, you can highlight some of the remarkable women who have been trailblazers in their fields. From scientists to artists to politicians to amazing nurses and doctors, these women have made significant contributions to our society and we are proud to celebrate them! Get the school excited by sharing profiles of some amazing women and also encourage them to support Women’s History Month by celebrating the powerful women in the community!

8. Celebrate International Women's Day (8th March) with special activities and events.

For a good example we can keep in line with this year’s theme and host an event to honour the female hospital staff that have worked tremendously hard throughout the recent pandemic. Covid-19 has been a pandemic that has taken the lives of many people. It’s important to remember those who have sacrificed their time and lives for the greater good.

You can honour them by creating a memorial in their honour and having speakers discuss what they did during this time. By doing this you will be able to show your gratitude for all they have done and give them recognition for their hard work. This is also an opportunity for everyone to learn more about how difficult it was during this time period so we can better prepare ourselves if another pandemic were ever to occur again in the future.

Some other ideas to get you brainstorming on how to make Women’s Day special…

  • Show your appreciation for the amazing women in the community with a breakfast or dinner where you can invite special speakers.
  • Host a film night showing a movie with strong, empowering female leads such as Mulan, Matilda or Wrinkle in Time. Check out our film night event template here to make this easy!
  • Host a book club meeting and discuss books written by inspiring women.
  • For older children, have a discussion about what feminism means to them and how everyone can work together to empower women everywhere.
  • Plan an afternoon parade where the children can march the school field with flags that have pictures of women who have made an impact throughout history. (Lots of fun to be had making the flags as well!)
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Celebrating Women’s History Month is a great way to empower your community and honour the accomplishments of women throughout history. These ideas will help get your PTA started, but don’t stop there! Be creative and think of other ways to celebrate the contributions of women in your area. Use our ideas as a starting point and have fun with it! What are you waiting for? Get celebrating!


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