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Your Summer Fair Ideas [Part 1]

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Summer term has been a massive success for many school PTA fundraising committees across the UK. Thank you all for tweeting and sharing your summer fair ideas. Here is a small sample of the cracking fun that’s been going on.

Henwick Primary invited a Samba band to play at their fair.

While Rushmore Primary had the steel pans out…

Horbury Bridge Academy had some interesting looking stalls for their summer fair.

Scientia Academy had a visit from Spiderman, who had a great time on the bouncy castle!

Hollydale Primary created an summer fair outdoor chess challenge.

Thomas Coram School had an alien invasion at their summer fair!

St Martin’s Prep in Grimsby had simply tons of fun at the summer fair, with a photo book, sumo wrestling, candy floss, art station, as well as yummy cake and fresh strawberries for sale! What fab summer fair ideas...

We hope you’ll agree they look like they had a lot of fun raising money for their schools and bringing their communities together. We’d love to hear what brilliant ideas you include in your summer fair too!

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Have a fantastic summer everyone!

Over to you!

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[This article was originally published in 2016]

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