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Easter PTA fundraising ideas – not another egg hunt!

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With Easter fast approaching, you'll see the same old Easter egg hunts and bonnet parades at every tourist attraction for miles! Here are some great fresh ideas to boost your school Easter PTA fundraising.

If you're looking at organising something before the end of term, it needn't be a chore – all these ideas are pretty quick and easy to sort out with minimum fuss.

Sponsored Easter Bunny Hop

Can the children hop up and down the playground 100 times for each class? An Easter bunny hop is a different take on the classic sponsored event – a staple of low fuss, high return fundraising. The 'hop' could be held at the end of the school day so parents can watch.

Even better, if your school is happy to be involved – it's a great end of term activity. Can the whole school take part and reach a million hops?

Sending sponsorship forms home a couple of weeks before is a good way to involve extended family and work colleagues. Offer an incentive for the highest fundraiser – perhaps a large Easter egg – with smaller eggs for each participant.

dyed easter eggs
Photographer: Annie Spratt | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Annie Spratt | Source: Unsplash

Easter Baskets

Ask parents for donations of small Easter eggs and treats, and recruit some volunteers to package them into attractive baskets with cellophane wrap and ribbons. You have a few options now:

- Look for local businesses who like to support the school, or ask parents to take them into their workplaces. Request a minimum donation for a basket – potentially a collective contribution from an office who can share some seasonal yummy treats – to bring a welcome boost with limited efforts.

- Sell your mini-hampers to your school community! Sell them after school, or how about allowing parents to buy them online and sending them home with the kids?

- The innovative PTA at Holywood Primary School had a fab way to raise funds by offering a chance to win one of several fabulous hampers either by buying raffle tickets or by selling flags to place on an Easter picture board. The flag closest to the hidden spot on each picture would win a hamper!

Easter PTA Spring Clean

Every PTA relies on some form of donations, and Spring is a great time to remind your local community that you'd be happy to take any unwanted gifts and toys. A polite letter or eye-catching flyer delivered by a team of leaflet-droppers can cover the streets around your school in no time.

If the school is happy to be a collection point, you could repeat this throughout the year. This will keep up stocks of raffle prizes for all your key events.

Post-Easter PTA Bake Sale

Not a new idea, but a good one for the first week back at school when many families will have a lot of chocolate at home and may feel more generous with donating some bakes to use them up!

chocolate easter egg and rice crispie  nests

Who can resist Easter rocky road or tiffin with mini eggs scattered over the top? Or brownies with half a goo-filled egg pushed into the top?

With Instagram and Pinterest full of amazing recipes, there's no excuse for not getting creative with the leftovers! Even chocolate rice crispy nests with some little eggs inside, are achievable for the least confident bakers.

Easter PTA Crafts

This is not only fun for the kids, an excuse for parents to natter. However it can also be a quick little fundraiser if you charge a little for entry and provide some bulk-bought crafts. There are tons of cute Easter craft ideas here on our Easter craft and PTO/PTA fundraising ideas board on Pinterest.

Ok ok... an Easter Egg Hunt!

And if all else fails – a trusty Easter Egg hunt can still be great fun – but why not mix it up by doing an adults-only hunt or a reverse egg hunt where the best-hidden egg wins a prize!

girl dressed as rabbit with basket of eggs

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