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Valentine’s Day PTA Fundraiser Ideas

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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that means it's time for PTAs to start planning their fundraisers! There are so many great ideas out there, but we've put together our top five favourites to get you started.

From sweet treats to festive activities, these fundraisers are sure to be a winner! So read on and get inspired to make this Valentine's Day one your school will never forget.

1. Valentine’s Day Disco

What better way to get your pupils excited about Valentine's Day than with an awesome disco? Whether you want them all dressed up or just having fun in crazy costumes, this event is sure to be a big hit.

You can have a lot of fun activities planned, including a disc jockey, games, a prize raffle and dancing. Of course you want to have plenty of snacks and drinks available, because all of the dancing is sure to keep the children hungry and thirsty. So get out your themed decorations and start planning for a night of disco fun and start selling those disco tickets!

2. Sweet Treat Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

'You're Sweet' - Heart shaped donuts

A bake sale is a fun and easy way to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can’t go wrong with sweet treats that are perfect to share with friends and loved ones. Some ideas for baked items to sell include cupcakes, they're simple but still very cute, cake pops, sweet cones, heart-shaped rice crispy treats, cookies covered in chocolate or fondant icing flowers on top of them - there are so many options available which will work well at any age group (and both adults AND kids alike would enjoy these!). . The possibilities are endless!

Simply enlist some volunteers to help with the baking and organising. Be sure to read our blog on Natasha’s Law which covers the new allergen labelling rules that have recently been put in place.

3. Non-Uniform Valentine’s Day

If you're looking for a quick and simple fundraiser, try asking your school if they would be willing to do away with its uniform for one day. Ditching the school uniform is always popular. On Valentine's Day themed non-uniform days there are many creative ways that children can get into character for their outfit.

Whether it’s just a pair of heart socks, red or pink shirts, sparkly headbands or wearing an oversized bow tie, these kids know how to add some fun and flair without breaking any rules — all while raising money too! Simply ask for a £1 donation in exchange for not wearing the uniform.

4. Valentine’s Day Cards Workshop

Valentine's day cards

Make it personal this year by hosting a Valentine’s Card Workshop for the children after school. They will have a blast getting creative and showing someone how much they mean to them with a heartfelt handmade card. Loved ones will be touched when they see how much time and effort went into making them something so special.

Be sure to ​​provide all the supplies needed to make a special handmade card. Have available a wide selection of cards, envelopes, and cute add-ons such as rhinestones, glitter, heart and flower shaped paper cut-outs, just to name a few. This is an experience that will bring joy to the children making the cards as well as to those who receive them.

5. Valentines Film Night

Another fun way to fundraise this February is to host an event that brings people together. Film nights are always popular and there is no better time than now because it's cold outside! Screen one of your favourite movies with themes like love or friendship. All licence requirements can be found in full on their website if needed; just check out what they say about licensed activities. You’ll want to get your hands on our Film Night event guide to help with your planning.

We hope you loved this list of really creative Valentine's events your school could host to get the most out of this wonderful day. Whether it’s a disco, bake sale, non-uniform day, card workshop or film night these fundraisers are sure to please everyone!

No matter what you choose, we know that either one will be a huge success. ​​Which idea is your favourite? Let us know on Twitter by tagging @plansocialapp.

Happy Planning for the Valentine’s Day of your dreams!

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