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2 guys saying two

The 22nd of February 2022 was a day of curiosity for some and laughter for others. It was announced that on this particular date in history there was an unusual phenomenon that took place-the ability to read this date both forwards or backwards without changing anything else about it.

Schools and PTAs across the country participated in Twos-Day with some fun Two’s-Day themed events. Here's a roundup of some of the great things done on this cool and quirky day!

The PTA for the Nelson Tigers gave a gift with a fun Twos-day message attached.

We are loving the tutus on display at Lotts Elementary!

Some more tutus from Hunter Elementary with the added twist of ties!

Springfield Primary has collected a load of 2ps on this marvellous Two’s-Day!

The Liberty PTA used this opportunity to recruit more volunteers with a giveaway! What a brilliant idea!

Glasgow Middle School incorporated reading into Two’s-Day by encouraging students to read a pair of books with a friend.

Tie-dye and tacos from Sugar Mill Elementary... what more could you ask for!

We hope you've had a chance to enjoy this roundup of some Two's-Day events from around the web. You can feel inspired by these ideas and use them in your own upcoming celebrations. How exciting!!

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