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Remember Why you Joined the PTA

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You were highly recommended for this PTA position, by many people, multiple times.

“She'll be a great PTA President,” they said.
“It's only a few hours of work a week,” they said.

You think back to PTA election season, to that time of trust and innocence and think......

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We're here to remind you that you didn't go into this haphazardly. You gave it plenty of thought and ultimately decided that volunteering for the PTA was the right decision, even a great decision!

Here is a reminder of some of the many, many benefits you've probably (hopefully!!) experienced as a result of being a volunteer at your child's school.

1. You're incredibly popular around campus (again or maybe it's a first)

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2. You're "in the know"

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3. You have an impressive title and good deeds to brag to your friends about

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4. You're using your skills for good

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5. You're showing your child(ren) how much you value their education

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6. You're making connections

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7. You're experiencing the thrill of being in charge

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8. You're helping the children . . . THE CHILDREN

gif of child hanging on to woman's leg
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9. You're making a difference

gif of woman saying can't stop, won't stop
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10. You're having fun, admit it

gif of woman saying it's a good time
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We could go on and on about the joys of PTA-ing. It's not always easy, but we're sure you're killin' it. If anyone disagrees, let them know you're worth every penny you're paid to do the job.

Every. Single. Penny.

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