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PTAs Pay it forward - Annual Roundup of Charitable PTAs

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Here’s a round-up of what charitable activities PTAs around the US have been up to in 2019! Read on for some great ideas and inspiration.

Two PTAs partnered, resulting in more Christmas cheer for 100 kids.


This PTA created too much of a good thing . . . and gave good things to charity.

The students decide to give money raised specifically to support them back to their state’s largest pet adoption agency and spay/neuter provider.


This PTA partnership with a local food bank, helps feed the community.


This PTA is helping to celebrate those who help make our country great.

This PTA is supporting the families school community

This PTA Lower Moreland HS is supporting Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation: Est. 1995 to educate the public on the prevention and early detection of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.


Johnnycake Elementary School arranged for students to thank those who protect their community. Cost nothing, means so much.


The Windsor PTA promoting the efforts of The Rotary Club of Arlington Height the Santas and Run For a Cause as a Claus. The Rotary Club of Arlington Heights(RCAH) holds the Santa Run every year to raise funds. Where do these funds go? Locally, the RCAH awards grants to Arlington Heights organizations that meet the needs of our young, elderly, disadvantaged, and special needs community. Nationally, the club responded when folks in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico needed help after hurricanes brought devastating floods. Internationally, Rotary continues to work to eradicate polio, as well as support efforts for better healthcare, education, clean water, and opportunity to those who need it.


Eisenhower PTA is recognizing that exercise is important to all . . . .


Eisenhower PTA is recognizing that exercise is important to all .

Cordelia Hills PTA created a Service Learning Project to benefit children and families in times of sickness.


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