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Feeling the Fear

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I'm feeling the fear as PTA class rep... and doing it anyway!

So I actually did it — I took the plunge and put myself forward as PTA class rep for my daughter’s class in reception at the infant school! Well… only half.

I said I’d do it as long as somebody else shared the role with me. Sneaky, huh? When I gingerly put my hand up, half the room (with heads bowed, hiding) looked up at me with a mixture of surprise, horror, pity, relief and delight. What am I letting myself in for?

Here I goooooooooooooOOOO!

Luckily somebody else did come forward to share the PTA Class Rep role. Turns out it’s a perfect match as I’m all about the social side, whereas my co-rep (does that term exist?) would rather do the ‘other stuff’.

I am still learning, so I guess I’ll find out what the other stuff is soon enough… meanwhile, it’s now time to plan some par-tays! I’m new in town so it’s a great way to meet people anyhow.

That's not all

Intent on my mission to get involved in school life, I even turned up at the (rather poorly attended) AGM at the junior school where my older kids go. Of course as soon as they looked my way with the notion of giving me a role, I started desperately back-pedaling and saying I was already PTA class rep at the infants school and couldn’t possibly take on any more.

They nodded politely. I get the feeling they are used to hearing excuses. Well, everyone is busy, aren’t they?

Truth is, it was a really useful meeting. It’s actually a real shame more people didn’t show up — they don’t know what they’re missing. Stuff actually gets done, stuff that I'm glad I got to hear about.

Well, saying that, I have to confess to never showed up for an AGM at my kids’ previous school. ‘AGM’ sounds deathly dull, doesn’t it? However, it really was just a quick run-through of how much was raised, what worked best, and the plans for spending on school facilities and experiences this year. And when it’s about your kids, it’s pretty hard not to get interested once you’re there.

So… the upshot is, I’m glad I “felt the fear” and did it anyway.

Only kidding about being smug. Relieved is more the word, it feels good to be part of the solution instead of the problem!

Over to you...

What about your PTA? Do many people show up to your PTA AGMs or coffee mornings and volunteer as PTA Class Reps? If not, what do you think is stopping them? What do you think would motivate them?

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Originally published on Sep 28th, 2012

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