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Why Your PTA Should GO CASHLESS!

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PTA meetings can be long and tedious. There's always some disagreement or debate that brings the meeting to a halt while we all try to come up with a solution.

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The topic of cashless PTAs is one such item on our agenda this year, but not for the reasons you might think. It turns out that cashless PTAs are an important way to prevent the spread of covid-19 in schools nationwide. Read on for reasons why you should safeguard your school by keeping it cashless!

Limit the risk of spreading this disease

Schools are some of the most vulnerable places for COVID-19 to spread and we want to protect our school community. One way to do this is by going cashless for all things PTA such as ticket sales, donations and second-hand uniform sales just to name a few. This would mean that you don't have to handle the physical exchange of money from other people.

Just imagine how brilliant it would be to eliminate any chance of someone with a cold or some other ailment spreading to us while we're busy counting up the ticket sales cash at the end of an event!

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Online Fundraising is the future

Going cashless is the future of fundraising. A time where everyone can take part in making their school better and more successful. You don't need physical donations, or even people on-site at events to make an impact.

Your PTA can benefit from an increase in parent volunteers as well as wider community support when you decide to go digital with PTA fundraisers like auctions, raffles & contests.

Bouncing cheques also become obsolete when you go digital. Let’s be real, online payments by parents, as an alternative to cash and cheque, will save time for all concerned.

At the most basic level there is little or no cash to collect; so this eliminates any need for teachers' involvement in payment collection i.e. they can focus on teaching.

The icing on the cake is that you will no longer need to drag in the school admin staff to chase up money on your behalf.

Parents can carry out all PTA payment transactions with a push of a button on their mobile or computer, and see a record of their payment online.

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Boom. Just paid for PTA Movie Night on PlanSocial. (via giphy.com)

It’s a time saver

If you're not convinced about going cashless just yet, think about how much time your PTA spends counting money each day - why wouldn’t you take your PTA's money-counting woes off their shoulders with an easy, online payment system? It’s a no-brainer!

There's no reason to be counting cash... why should you do this when you can accept donations and payments online prior to the event? Plus, taking pre-orders means you only need to buy what you needs AND they’ve paid up front, taking away the risk to your PTA of being out of pocket.

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No fear of losing money

You never have to worry about losing any money due to carelessness or theft because all your transactions will be electronically recorded and updated in real-time.

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Make life easier for parents

Most people pay their monthly expenses with a click of a button. So allow them to pay online for school PTA activities and fall right in line with their lifestyle. The convenience and flexibility of paying online makes it easier to keep households running smoothly.

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What can your PTA sell online?

Check out some examples of events and items that other PTAs are selling to parents online and boosting their fundraising in the process. This is just the start... so sign up to our blog to stay in the loop. We’ll be sharing more great ideas with you inspired by thousands of PTA who are smashing their fundraising goals, despite the extra logistical nightmares introduced by Covid-19.

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Click the image above to view these templates!

To sum it all up...

Let’s face it, when you think of PTA fundraising your mind might not immediately leap to the idea that cashless is the way to go. However we hope that all these great reasons have convinced you that going cashless can help make things easier for parents and volunteers alike. In the midst of a pandemic, handling cash and coins is less attractive than ever. Stay safe and keep up the great work with your fundraising!

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