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Benefits of a Well Connected School Community

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The PTA board has many functions and community building is a big one, for good reason. When you have a well-connected school community, everyone benefits! We've highlighted a few of these benefits below.

Benefits to Parents

  • Connecting families. It can be difficult for parents to connect with each other and it only gets harder as children grow older and more independent. Parents gain comfort when meeting their child's friends and families. School events provide a neutral place to gather and connect.
  • Great kids. Kids learn from adults by example. When they see their parents and teachers working productively and positively together, they’re more likely to emulate that behavior while at school, when hanging out with their peers, etc.
  • Staying informed. When parents know about issues going on at school, they are better able to support their kids at home. Communication with staff and other parents keeps everybody in the know. Even casual conversation between parents, teachers, administration during a school game night or carnival can be informative and helpful.
Source: Giphy.com

Benefits to School Administration and Teachers

  • Connecting with invaluable resources – parents! Parents are more likely to contribute and get involved when they feel informed and passionate about the school. Every single parent has something to offer - time, skills, connections, money, feedback, ideas, etc. Their efforts build the school up and even help the school improve year after year.
  • Gaining perspective. Providing parents with the opportunity to be heard and actively listening to them can be incredibly beneficial. No two families in a school community are exactly alike and taking into account a wide variety of viewpoints is key to understanding and meeting their needs.
  • Increased flexibility. PTAs often have more control over their budgets and generally have less red tape and bureaucracy than school administration and staff. They are able to provide free labor from parents in the school community or through their contacts.

When schools and PTAs work together, complementing each other, more gets done.

Source: Giphy.com

Benefits to Students

  • More funds. Organized events make money and need community participation to be successful. Students and families benefit when everyone has access to necessary school supplies, fees for field trips, "scholarships" for overnight trips, etc. Some PTAs earn enough money to pay for staff members or entire programs at school that would not exist without their support. Even a simple bakesale can earn enough money for a pizza party or a raffle at the school carnival.
  • More school spirit and pride. When students have positive feelings towards their school they perform better academically, they are more engaged and they are happier at school overall. Wearing logoed sweatshirts, attending school events, getting to know a wide variety of people in their school community can happen through the efforts of a strong PTA.
  • More fun! PTAs offer added value to student life in many ways - the fun events laid on by the PTA help to create wonderful childhood memories for our kids.
Source: Giphy.com

Almost everything a PTA volunteer does provides a benefit to the entire school community. After all, the PTA is the school community by definition. The work you do is very important. If we can help, let us know.

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