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Your Summer Fairs 2018

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your PTA summer fair ideas from 2018

What a summer we’re having so far! We’ve had blue skies and hot, hot sunshine for quite a few weeks now, which has been one less thing to think about for the tireless volunteers organising school summer fairs – makes a lovely change from the usual changeable British weather eh?!

Here’s a look at what some PTAs got up to this summer, maybe you could try some of these ideas next year! :) [Originally published in July 2018]

This PTA got very creative and made a great video to promote their summer fair!

We’re loving this aerial map of Coed Glas PTAs summer fair, very handy!

Etchells Primary School PTA Fair Bears getting all spruced up for their new homes

What a great stall idea from Eltham College PTA in London – they charge £3 per box and tell us it’s always a sell out!

And when the fair finally gets underway, you have to get creative when there’s last-minute organising to do! 📷

We’ve heard of Soak-A-Teacher, but Sheringdale Primary School decided to Splat-A-Governor instead!

Sellincourt School in Tooting had a very famous footballer in their World Cup selfie booth:

We’d love to have a go at this crockery smash stall! How’s that for a smashing PTA summer fair idea?

An interesting Lucky Dip prize spotted at Irthlingborough Infants in Northants

baby in shredded paper
Lucky Baby!

Donkey rides, dancing and flossing at The Good Shepherd School in London

Greycourt School in Richmond had one of our all time favourite summer fair stalls!

And St. Margaret’s C of E Primary tried a new system this year – kids could win tickets at the games stalls in exchange for prizes from this stall. It was a huge success, and they say they will definitely be doing it again next year!

toys on stall at summer fair

Oakham Primary School put on a fiery performance to entertain the crowds

Now this is what we call community spirit – what a generous and kind-hearted winner!

A Jurassic themed fete at Seaton Primary in Devon netted their PTA a £3k profit

crowd of women with blow up dinosaur

This teacher at Westfield Primary was probably grateful for the extra soaking as the temperature soared during their summer fair!

They think it’s all over – it is now! Post-fair clean up operation at St Nicolas Primary in Brighton is paused to watch a crucial World Cup match……

Over to you!

Hopefully that’s given you some inspiration for your PTA summer fair ideas. Email us, tweet or share your pictures and ideas with over 2,500 other PTA volunteers in our Facebook group for PTAs.

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