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World Book Day | PTA Event Ideas

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Matilda reading on World Book Day

World Book Day is coming up in March, so we need to get our ideas in gear! There are a lot of great event ideas that can be fun for children and adults and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you. Keep reading for some creative ideas that your PTA can try this year!

1. Plan a book swap for parents and students to get rid of old books and find new ones

Parents can bring in their children’s unwanted books and exchange them for new-to-them titles. This is a great way for families to clean out their bookshelves and get some new reading material.

2. Have a bake sale with book-themed treats

​​What better way to celebrate than with sweet treats for children and adults to enjoy! One idea might involve themed foods from your favourite book or character- these could include treats such as doughnuts shaped like Minions; cupcakes decorated like Harry Potter; or even biscuits shaped like Disney princesses. This is a sure fire way to get the kids excited for World Book Day!

cupcakes for World Book day

3. Hold a World Book Day sale

Families of the school can gather up all of those gently used children’s books lying around and the PTA can host a second-hand book sale at the school. Not only will this raise money for World Book Day, but it will also clear out some space in your home!

4. Organise a reading scavenger hunt around the school

The children can be split into teams. Each group can receive a list of books that they will need to go around the school to find. Be sure to have an adult with each group. The goal is find all of the books on the list in a specified amount of time! You can get creative and leave some fun clues around to help them.

5. Hold a trivia night about books, authors, and literary characters

Consider organising an event where children participate in trivia about their favourite story genres. Not only will this be fun but they will also learn more about different books and their authors and characters.

Gif of girl carrying a growing pile of books on World Book Day

6. Fancy Dress Day

Encourage parents and students to dress up as their favourite book character on World Book Day. This is a popular choice and we love to see the photos from this event so be sure to email us your pics or tag @plansocialapp on Twitter for a retweet and use hashtags #WorldBookDay2022 #WBD2022! :)

7. Sponsored Read for World Book Day

The PTA could celebrate by holding an event where children read for sponsorship and raise money. This would be a great way to boost literacy, interest in books among the population at large as well as funding your school or library!

rapunzel with books

World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to get everyone in your school community excited about reading. Why not try one of these fun event ideas to bring people together and promote literacy?

Planning an exciting event is a great way to show your passion for reading and encourage others to dive into a good book. Which of these events will you choose to celebrate this year’s World Book Day?

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When is World Book Day 2022?

This year World Book Day is on 2 March 2022, celebrating its 25th anniversary with the message for all children “you are a reader”! World Book Day was created by UNESCO on 23rd April 1995 as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. You can find out more on the official World Book Day website here and browse their list of books available for £1!

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