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Mother's Day PTA Ideas

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Copy these PTA ideas to celebrate Mother's Day in your school!

Being a mum is a tough job, even on the best days. Whether you are a working mum, a stay-at home mum, have one kid or a whole tribe of small people keeping you busy — being a mum can sometimes feel like a thankless task.

Thankfully someone came up with the concept of Mother’s Day – one day every year that we can show love and appreciation to the woman – or women – who raised us! After all, ‘mum’ these days can apply to a number of people in your or your kids’ lives.

There are plenty of ways in which your PTA can help to make this Mother’s Day extra-special. Here are a few.

Custom-Made Gifts

One of the best things about custom-made creations is that the kids can choose the colours and styles that they think their mum will like best!

Bath Bombs

What mum doesn’t like to unwind with a hot, soothing bath at the end of the day? There are plenty of bath bomb recipes online. Great idea for a Mother's Day gift.

bath bombs in shop

Here is Kings Langley School’s kids in action!

More bath bomb-making. All smelling very fragrant! @KL_School_UK pic.twitter.com/3sdGn2VHIK

— KLS Character (@KLSCharacter) July 6, 2015

Tealight Holders

Most mums love candles, and a lovingly made tealight holder is something that can last for years. Even better, they are super easy to make and decorate.

There are some great ideas like this one below on our Mother’s Day Ideas Pinterest board.

salt dough candle holders
From LifeasMom.com


Gotta love handmade cards — that personal touch is everything, and mum’s heart will melt on receiving their unique creations.

Alternatively, you can get some volunteers together (try using PlanSocial's volunteer hub for this!) to create some cards for the kids to purchase (keeping more of the profits for the PTA!). There are plenty of videos around showing you how like this one below.

How to create a handmade Mother's Day card

Garden Fields JMI find that the Mother's Day PTA sale is very popular!

You don't have to stick to card - how about tissue paper creations too?

Check out this video on how to make stunning tissue paper flowers any Mother would appreciate.

Love this idea!

The kids give reasons why they love the main mama figure in their life.

diy mother's day card
from Food, Love & Life blog

But perhaps with a little adult guidance, to avoid the odd gaffe!? 🤔😂

diy thank you card
Via Reddit

Pamper Evening

Sometimes it seems like mums are the last people (or things) to get some care and attention…

... so make time for them to be pampered! Pamper evenings are increasingly popular PTA events, giving mums a few much-needed hours off from the daily grind.

Try “Pamper & Prosecco”, where entry includes a free glass of fizz on arrival.

Pamper & Shop” is also a good alternative: boost your fundraising by allowing quaint local stall holders to sell products, for a set fee or commission.

Approach nearby salons and beauty therapists to get a good variety of treatments. Popular choices include short treatments such as eyebrow waxing, mini mani’s or pedi’s and henna tattoos.

It can be a good fundraiser too! Old Dalby Primary PTA raised £550 at their Pamper Night.

Check out our Pinterest board for more pamper evening inspiration.

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Why not invite mums into school for a delicious breakfast? You don’t need to produce a full fry-up.

Instead, bulk-buy a selection of croissants, knock up some toast and fire up the urn for some much-needed tea and coffee and you are certain to make them smile.

(Besides, a social breakfast is a great community-builder, not to mention a great way to introduce your PTA and entice in a few more volunteers, subtly of course!🤓)

The Royal Palm Elementary School held a very successful and well-attended Mother’s Day breakfast.

Afternoon Tea

Or instead of breakfast, you could hold an afternoon tea. Finger sandwiches, slices of cakes and biscuits can be accompanied by tea, coffee and squash. It can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. Ask the school choir or music group to provide a little entertainment.

And here they are again! Royal Palm Elementary School held a wonderful afternoon tea for mums – nice job you guys!

Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is a fun and easy way to produce a unique gift for the mums at your school. Save hassle by buying basic cupcakes, or make them in bulk cheaply.

Then all you need is some icing and a bucket-load of sprinkles and other edible decorations.

Cake-decorating went down a treat with the mums and kids at Banyan Elementary.

For more inspiration, head on over to our Mother’s Day Pinterest board.

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