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10+ Cool PTA Winter Wonderland Ideas

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PTA Winter Wonderland

The winter holidays are coming up and PTAs around the country are gearing up for exciting PTA Winter Wonderland events or Christmas-themed fun. Whether the purpose is fundraising or bringing the school community together for a good time, these events have the potential to be special and memorable for kids and families.

We've collected festive Christmas and winter ideas from around the internet. Add them to your holiday event schedule or let them inspire a whole new holiday PTA tradition.

#1 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Include a Christmas Market + Fun Activities

This professional flyer provides all the important details and looks amazing. There is fun for kids and parents, with games, food, and shopping.

#2 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Offer art booths for family presents. These are beautiful decorations and would be fantastic presents for kids to take home to their family. A great addition to a Santa's Workshop fundraiser.

#3 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Offer photos with Santa complete with a seasonal backdrop. Bonus points if you can find teacher volunteers to be elves!

Santa's Grotto

#4 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Enjoy carols with a performance by school staff. For even more fun, provide singing booklets and host a caroling session for everyone to participate in. Music can be performed by teacher or parent musicians and can be led by the school choir.

#5 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Host a fantastic Christmas bake sale. Consider requesting winter and Christmas-only themed desserts and host a contest with prizes for the most creative, the fanciest, the most kid-friendly, etc. Use the PTAsocial app to make sure you'll have enough food contributions and volunteers!

And don't forget to offer themed juice boxes. A must after delicious desserts!

#6 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Supply great photo opportunities so families can post holiday pictures. Have volunteers on hand to "work" the booth so that the entire family can get in the picture. A few different booths spread out will keep the lines short.

PTA Winter Wonderland

#7 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Think outside the box. At this school in Texas, the PTA made a human candy cane in an attempt to break a world record. They also played Christmas movies during the event and collected canned food for an area food bank.

#8 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Offer needed seasonal services such as gift wrapping and/or putting together toys/bikes for busy families. Make sure to set this up in a covert spot so that kids won't get unplanned sneak peaks!

#9 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Host ornament decorating booths. You may want to think about hosting a few different booths - one appropriate for kiddos and one that is a bit more involved for adults.

#10 PTA Winter Wonderland Idea

Offer a gingerbread house making workshop. For a cheaper and smaller option, you can use graham crackers. If you want to create the full-sized houses, you may want to take reservations and payment ahead of time and assign time slots.

Our last few Winter Wonderland tips come from our own Winter PTA Booth Idea booklet. It is filled with fantastic ideas whether you are having a large event or just want to bring a bit of winter fun to your campus.

PTA Winter Wonderland
PTA Winter Wonderland

If you want tons more ideas to make your winter PTA event special, download the Winter PTA Booth Idea booklet here!

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