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Inspire Parents on Giving Tuesday

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This week is the perfect time to show parents why volunteering their time is worthwhile, and inspire them to get involved because the first Tuesday in December is Giving Tuesday – a global day to celebrate and encourage giving.

Here are some ways you can tempt new volunteers to join you by promoting the following messages on social media, via your newsletters or on PlanSocial.

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Tell parents in your school:

1. What giving means to you personally

Today you can inspire other parents by explaining what you get from volunteering your time and/or energy – that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you’re creating fun memories for the children, providing them with better resources, etc. Share your joy of volunteering and talk about the skills you’ve gained and the friends you’ve made, or how it makes your kids happy to spend time volunteering with you at school.

Click the sentence below to share the following tweet or write your own tweet or Facebook post – and tag us @PlanSocialApp and hashtag #GivingTuesday to join the global conversation today.

Our kids love it when we volunteer! Get involved with @PlanSocialApp #GivingTuesday

2. How the kids benefit when parents fundraise for their school

Talk about how much you raised last year and what you have bought with the money. Ideally, post pictures online new playground equipment, books for the school library or whatever you purchased with the funds. You can also post photos of the event itself.

3. What you are raising money for next

Be clear about your fundraising goals for the rest of the year — what you are raising money for and how you’re planning to do it — with THEIR help! Motivate them to get involved from now on.

Learn how you can set up your PTA to receive online donations in 10 minutes here (for free!).

4. How they can help in some small way

If you use PlanSocial to organize your volunteers, you can easily list any small tasks with full instructions for brand new volunteers to roll their sleeves up and join in. All the info is there for people to browse, so even if they can’t make it to the meetings they can feel informed and welcomed.

Why not invite new parents to get started by just doing one thing? Here are some example tweets to get your message across — click to tweet them!

Here are some example Giving Tuesday tweets to get your message across — click to tweet them!

Can you help our school fundraise? Check our #volunteer opportunities or donate on @PlanSocialApp! #GivingTuesday
Can your place of work offer #matchfunding to our #PTA? #GivingTuesday via @PlanSocialApp
Support our #PTA this year and make a big difference together! Volunteer on @PlanSocialApp #GivingTuesday

Looking beyond Giving Tuesday . . .

During this festive season, as well as bringing our loved ones closer, it can be a time for thinking of others less fortunate than ourselves. As you know, giving is not just about donating money. At this time of year household funds can be tight, so remind people that donating time or skills can be just as valuable.

You could also use this opportunity to highlight local community projects or charities that need volunteers. For example, consider sponsoring a family in need or helping out at a soup kitchen.

Since you are reading this blog, you’re likely to be a person who enjoys giving already, so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do! We hope this post will help you inspire others to join you on Giving Tuesday.

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