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{Free} Printable Thanksgiving PTA Cards

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Printable Thanksgiving PTA Cards

With the Thanksgiving holidays just around the corner, your PTA may be thinking about all the people at your school you'd like to appreciate, whether they are teachers, support staff or fellow volunteers.

We've created four printable Thanksgiving PTA Cards that you can choose from to let others know that your PTA is grateful for them.

You can add something little to your card (with the obligatory pun of course):

  • a candy bar
  • a fun drink
  • a small gift card
  • a bag of potpourri
  • office supplies

But even if your card is given out on it's own, it will bring a smile. (Cards do that; see proof below.)

PTA woman smiling
Make somebody's day!

Grab your Printable Thanksgiving PTA Cards Here

Choose from four styles of cards: funny, simple, festive, or fall themed - or choose all four. Download them now when you subscribe to our blog here.

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